Robinson Fredenthal, White Water

Stainless steel
Credit Line
Donated by the investors in Miller Real Estate Fund II, LP, 2019. Installation supported by The Wind Family, Paul Sehnert, the Edna W. Andrade Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation, Julie Jensen Bryan & Robert Bryan, Dennis Alter, Joly W. Stewart, Barbara & Ted Aronson, Nancy & J. Randolph Williams, Linda Brenner & William Christensen, and Mary & Dennis Helf
15 ft. 4 in. x 16 ft. 6 in. x 40 ft.

Fredenthal's White Water is a 40-foot-long, 16-foot high arch of triangular forms in stainless steel. It continuously shifts in appearance when viewed from different angles and as light and shadow move across its many surfaces in the course of a day. Broadly considered a masterpiece, the title, White Water, suggests the fluidity of water, cascading motion, and the dematerializing properties of light as it illuminates and shines on the sculpture’s many-faceted surfaces. 

White Water was constructed in 1978 in the courtyard behind 401 Market Street and was a project of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority’s Percent for Art Program in the Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area. It was transported to Woodmere on March 18, 2019 as the result of a generous donation by the owners of the 401 Market Street property, an entity managed by Miller Investment Management, LP, and the American Bible Society (ABS), which moved into the building when the organization relocated from New York to Philadelphia. ABS funded the relocation of the sculpture from Independence Mall to Woodmere. A police escort led the way as the sculpture, placed in its immense entirety on a flatbed truck by the expert handling of riggers George Young Mammoet, made its way through Philadelphia in the middle of the night to its new home at Woodmere.

Julia Guerrero, Director, Percent for Art Program at the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority of the City said, “White Water is an unforgettable work of art by one of Philadelphia’s most beloved artists. This soaring, optimistic sculpture uses geometry to create a space for reflection and a moment of beauty for everyone to enjoy."

If you are on-site at Woodmere Art Museum and are looking for an immersive and interactive experience, click here to view the WOW Interactive Map.

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