Mary Butler, Woodstock Valley from Meads-Wet Weather

Mary Butler: Woodstock Valley from Meads-Wet Weather (Undated) Oil on canvas
Woodstock Valley from Meads-Wet Weather
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Museum Purchase, 1945
24" x 31"

This painting depicts a dirt road passing by a clump of colorful clump of alders to the right, as a range of low mountains stand off in the distance underneath a fair blue sky. The scenic view of Catskills, New York is painted in a palette of decidedly autumnal colors.

Mary Butler was a landscape painter who traveled throughout Europe and the Western United States as well as in Maine and New Hampshire. She was identified with Philadelphia all her life, though frequently traveled in order to her chosen landscapes. Moods of nature intrigued and inspired her, especially rugged scenery such as this.

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