Andrew Christman

Andrew Christman received a BFA in painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and certificates in Art Education from Pratt Institute and Moore College of Art. He attended Sotheby’s Institute of Art / Manchester University, UK where he received an MA in East Asian Art History.

Andrew is currently a teaching artist for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum Learning Specialist at the Woodmere Art Museum and a co-founder of Way of Words an interactive poetry and visual art project that integrates writing, installation, bookmaking and collage.


Teaching Philosophy:                                       

I believe that artmaking is not only a vital platform for creative expression, but also a pathway to forming a strong sense of self within our communities.  Whether working in residencies or teaching an individual class, I engage students in FUN art projects that embrace and affirm their diverse experiences and backgrounds in an inspiring, compassionate, and empathetic “studio” space.    

Whether in a museum, studio or classroom, I aim to design a stimulating and fun art curriculum that satisfies the participant's desire for expressive accomplishment, while also developing a strong foundation of technical skills and formal language. To this end, my teaching approach encourages active observation, questioning, research, critical thinking, artistic experimentation and reflection.    


Artist Statement:

Andrew Christman's mixed-media artworks explore the tension and play between scientific and intuitive understanding. The improvisational, multi-layered studio practice he employs utilizes photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture and drawing to synthesize the opposing languages of expressionist image making with the didactic conventions of scientific representation. 

Drawing upon a broad range of past and present naturalist traditions, Andrew's work aims to simultaneously capture careful observations of flora and fauna and their fleeting emotive spirit.