Tracy Everly

Artist Statement

I paint from observation, with everything depending on being alert and fully present in the moment. I paint directly and usually work on a painting multiple times before calling it finished. Ultimately, the work ends as a symbolic distillation of impulse, observation and response. Once I have said all that I want to say in a painting, I stop.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching objective is to create a positive educational experience all around, empowering students to take risks, ask questions and pursue their own individual artistic path. My method of teaching involves sharing my own artistic process fully and openly. My aim is to help students build tangible foundational skills and to offer guidance about materials, but I also focus on mindset and thought process—all of which are important aspects of creating art.


Tracy Everly is an award-winning painter who lives in Bucks County. She has studied occasionally at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, but she is also largely self-taught, having put together her own educational path held together by dogged determination and love of art. She currently shows paintings at Morpeth Contemporary in Hopewell, New Jersey and has had work included in exhibitions throughout the United States. She has been painting and making art for more than 20 years.

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