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The St. Michael's Hall Project

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in Woodmere’s history: as of October 28, Woodmere owns the property known as Saint Michael’s Hall at 9001 Germantown Avenue - just 72 steps from Woodmere's main building. Woodmere is deeply grateful for the generous community support that made possible this exciting new chapter in the trajectory of the institution.   
Woodmere envisions new galleries to showcase the Museum’s spectacular collection. At the same time, the purchase of Saint Michael’s is an act of community preservation that protects the precious asset of four acres of open green space in Chestnut Hill, sustains the local ecosystem of the Wissahickon Watershed, and preserves one of Philadelphia’s great historic homes. Woodmere will convert the mansion’s original kitchen into a hands-on art space for schoolchildren and families, thereby expanding the Museum’s education capacity and bringing the inspiration of the arts into the lives of thousands more children every year. 
Woodmere’s collection of 8,000 works by the artists of Philadelphia is one of the great collections of American art. Dedicated galleries in Saint Michael’s will present the collection’s strengths in 20th-century art, including American Impressionism and Modernism as they evolved in Philadelphia, as well as the ongoing reinterpretations of figurative realism.  
The expansion enables Woodmere to exhibit great masterpieces that generally remain inaccessible and in storage, including many important works by Violet Oakley and the Red Rose Girls. Woodmere’s important collections of Hudson River paintings and nineteenth-century art, as well as special exhibitions, will remain in Woodmere’s main building. 

Stay tuned as this exciting project continues to unfold! 


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