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The Campaign to Save St. Michael's Hall

We are extremely excited about Woodmere's project to acquire, renovate, and sustain St. Michael’s Hall. 

We are currently in the due diligence phase of our agreement of sale with the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Woodmere appreciates the great showing of community support, and an update with further detail is forthcoming.

St. Michael's represents an extraordinary opportunity for Woodmere, a real game-changer in terms of the visibility of the museum and the growth of its education program.

Should you wish to make a pledge, please use the form below, or donations can be made by check payable to Woodmere Art Museum, and please include "Saint Michael's Hall" in your subject line.

Please Note: All pledges will be processed as a one-time gift unless directed otherwise by the donor. You will receive an email receipt with the details of your online pledge. On the bottom of the receipt will be a "starting on" and "ending on" date for the donation, both listed as 12/31/2021, indicating this payment will be made only once. Pledge reminders will be mailed to donors ahead of the pledge due date.
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