Complete Set

Katie Baldwin, Astrid Bowlby, James Brantley, Emily Brown, Alexander Calder, James Dupree, Jim Houser, Jerome Kaplan, Elaine Kurtz, Enid Mark, Virgil Marti, Stuart Netsky, Alice Oh, Peter Paone, Bruce Pollock, Robert Riggs, Judith Schaechter, Benton Murdoch Spruance, Hester Stinnett, Willie Stokes, Ron Tarver, Rochelle Toner

This exhibition presents two types of works on paper that are well represented in Woodmere’s collection: complete series by single artists and portfolios by multiple artists. Series can allow an individual artist to progressively explore a subject from a richer variety of perspectives than a single work, while portfolios often illustrate differing approaches by multiple artists to the same theme or concept. From a series of circus drawings by Alexander Calder to portfolios created for Philagrafika, Complete Set reveals how artists use these two formats to tell stories, investigate techniques, or thoroughly explore formal elements such as color.

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