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Summer Community Project

Children's Community Art Program

Art is the common thread for collaboration and new community every summer at Woodmere Art Museum. Since 2007, children ranging in age from eight to eighteen years old come from various communities in Philadelphia to particpate in a unique art making experience. Working alongside professional artists, students  collaboratively design and construct an outdoor art installation that is incorporated into Woodmere's Children's Butterfly Garden. 

2019 - In the Garden

Students will be inspired by stories about nature to discover how trees, plants, birds, butterflies, and other pollonators and wildlife interact together in the ecosystem of Woodmere's grounds. Their discoveries will be used as a springboard for interpreting nature's processes into collaborative artworks using a variety of mediums and recycled materials. Students will develop artworks that demonstrate a caterpillar's metamorphasis into a butterfly, the way butterflies and birds pollonate flowers, and how te growth of trees provides oxygen, conserves water and preserves soil. 

2018 - Enchanted Lands and Creatures

Students created artworks based on fables and trickster tales from different cultures that tell stories of the natural world. They used recycled materials such as wood, metal, and fabric to create creatures, whirligigs, and extraordinary plants which were installed in and around our Children’s Butterfly Garden.

2017 - Art and Storytelling in the Garden 

Students created artworks based on fables, fairy tales, and folktales from multicultural traditions. They designed and used natural and recycled materials, and a variety of mediums to create cabinets of curiosities and storytelling vessels that were installed in and around our Children’s Butterfly Garden.

2015 – Trees and Forest Dwellers: Enchanted Lands and Creatures

This theme came alive when students designed and constructed imaginary trees and forest creatures. Projects were inspired by enchanted forests such as the Hundred-Acre Wood of Winnie the Pooh, the lands of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, the forests of the Brothers Grimm, the “Forbidden Forest” of The Princess Bride, and others. The finished artworks were installed in Woodmere’s Children’s Garden. Woodmere is grateful to the generous supporters who have helped underwrite expenses for this program.

2014 – Kids in Toyland

Every summer, children from different neighborhoods meet at Woodmere to celebrate art and community. This year’s theme was Kids in Toyland, we designed and constructed oversize alphabet blocks, a magical hopscotch grid, and more. The finished artwork was installed in the Museum’s Children’s Garden, adjacent to the George D. Widener studio building. Woodmere is grateful to generous supporters who have helped underwrite the expenses for this program.

2013 – Fanciful Tales

The project is organized into four weekly programs that use diverse materials to interpret a variety of Fanciful Tales. Each week, a new story will be the genesis of a collaborative project culminating in unique outdoor sculptures that will be installed in Woodmere’s Children’s Garden.

The following describes each week’s focus:
Week 1: July 8-12: Alice in Wonderland will inspire a massive deck of cards
Week 2: July 15-19: Giant plants and flowers from Gulliver’s Travels
Week 3: July 29-August 2: E.S. Nesbit’s The Book of Dragons, will inspire an enchanted book in huge proportions

Woodmere is grateful to generous supporters who have helped underwrite the expenses for this program. To apply for this program, contact the Education Department at 215-247-0948.

2012 – Between Earth and Sky: Roots, Wings, and Other Things

Woodmere offers opportunities for children with an aptitude for and interest in art to work alongside artists in a real studio setting to create amazing installations. Children will design and build a major outdoor sculptural installation that will be incorporated into Woodmere’s Children’s Garden. This year’s theme will allow our young artists to make art inspired by the elements of earth and air. To apply, contact the Education Department at 215-247-0948.

2011 – Monsters, Myths, and Magic

The 2011 project Monsters, Myths, and Magic brought together 29 children and young adults, ages 8-22, for two weeks, to create mythical creatures and monsters. Under the direction of Woodmere educator and artist Hildy Tow students designed and built fanciful wooden creatures, a giant bird’s nest, jeweled stepping stones, birds, birdhouses and butterflies, all installed amongst the flower beds in the Children’s Garden.