Dolya Goutman

Life Dates

Goutman immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1931. He went to art school in Detroit and later enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. He eventually worked in Paramount Studios, becoming an art director. He then moved to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the faculty at Moore College of Art, where he taught for thirty-three years and became head of the painting department and, later, professor emeritus.

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  • I have an unfinished portrait that was painted by Doyla of my mother in 1973. Mr. Goutman generously gave of his time by teaching art to her 4th graders a few times. This was at Rosemont Elementary School in PA (which, I believe, is no longer in use as a school) He sent her the portrait along with a very gracious letter apologizing for his inability to finish the portrait and his desire for her to have it. It has been very special to her throughout the years and our family continues to enjoy it.

    Carol Mayberry

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