Dolya Goutman, Tom the Butcher

Doyla Goutman: Tom the Butcher (1955) Oil on canvas
Tom the Butcher
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Museum Purchase, 1956
40 ¼" x 30 ½"
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  • One of my Dad’s greatest paintings. Thanks so much for showing it this year. Hope you can make this very complex painting a regular among your rota of your magnificent collection. You are a fabulous art institution and I am so gratified that the tradition continues!

    Thomas Goutman
  • Tom the Butcher is my late father. Doyla was a personal friend of the family and frequented our store, Tom's Market in Bryn Mawr, PA. The background meat hanging was our glass front walk in box as it was called. The facial features captures my dad perfectly. Tom always wore an apron and his hands were extremely large. Looking at this portrait, I feel like I am looking at my dad. Brings back memories because I was a butcher, taught by my dad. As a teenager, I posed for some of Doyla's classes. This portrait takes me back 60 years.

    Joan Recchuiti Williams
  • Dear Ms. Williams, Thank you for the information about this work of art. I've been extremely fond of it, but didn't know very much about the sitter or the artist. Am I correct that your father's name was Tom Recchuiti? Would you also be able to share any additional knowledge about Doyla Goutman? We would like to know more. Thank you! Bill Valerio

    Bill Valerio