Elizabeth Shippen Green

Life Dates

Elizabeth Shippen Green (1871 - 1954) was born in Philadelphia, PA. Her father was an artist, and encouraged his daughter's chosen path. She enrolled at Pennsylvania Acadaemy of the Fine Arts, then later at Drexel University, where she studied illustration under Howard Pyle. She was part of his first class, where she met Violet Oakley and Jessie Willcox Smith. The three of them collaborated on many projects early in their careers, sharing a studio and eventually moving into a larger property, the Red Rose Inn. It was during the same year of this move that Green landed a job at Harper's Magazine, where she worked for twenty-three years. 


In 1906, the trio moved to a new property they called Cogslea (Cozens, Oakley, Green, Smith [Henrietta Cozens being the household manager]). In 1911, Green married Huger Elliott, moving from Cogslea, but returning to a place nearby in 1920. She expanded her pool of work in 1924, eventually retiring rather quietly.

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