Frank Bramblett

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Over the course of his four-decade career, Frank Bramblett rejected traditional methods of planning a composition or expressing meaning. Instead, he invented rules and processes that determined the visual appearance of his work. He experimented with unorthodox materials and transformations caused by water, wind, temperature change, and motion. Never content to follow artistic trends or assert a signature style, Bramblett created a body of work that is visually diverse.

Born in Wedowee, Alabama, he lived in Philadelphia since 1971. In 1970 he received his BFA from University of Georgia and in 1972 received his MFA from Yale University. He served as a professor of art in the Painting and Drawing department at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art for almost forty years. He helped build the school as we know it today, and his many students recognize him as a driving force who made substantial contributions to the vitality of contemporary art in Philadelphia. His work has been shown in some of New York’s most prestigious galleries.

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