Frank Bramblett, eyedotcom

Frank Bramblett: eyedotcom (1999) acrylic on canvas on panel
Acrylic on canvas on panel
Credit Line
Gift of the artist, 2012
90 x 72 in.

In eyedotcom, Bramblett explores the perceptual effects of abstraction. Large and small circles and dots seem to move in and out, up and down, and even through the space. The majority of forms—painted in flat tones of black, white and gray—contrast with the illusionistic volumes in the circles of blue, green, and deep red. Tiny dots cluster together in between or overlap, suggesting facial expressions or eyeballs.

As part of the ArtTrak educational series, students from Bache-Martin were asked to write about how this artwork made them feel. Here are some excerpts from their work:

I feel like partying.
Partying all night long.
I feel like singing
A wild and crazy song.
I see faces staring at me.
When they look at me what do they see?
There's circles, circles everywhere.
Circle here and circles there!
I don't see lollipops or toffee creams.
But, I do see wonderful, beautiful dreams.
I see smile in hese dreams.
They smile and say "What do you see?"

-Kiah, Grade 4

Pigs, People, eyeballs. Staring from the wall. Creeps me out at night, reminding me who I was. Findin out much more, mystery galore. Creepy little piglets running out the door. Taking one more step, into my awesome picture. It pulls me through and I'm trapped. Banging on the wall. Trying to find my way back. But the only place I find myself is in a lunch pack. Movie screen is playing & everyone is saying. Exit is over here, you run there like deer. Going way too slow, I miss my exit it's closed. And I'm trapped forever. In the Artic circle, I jump into a trout. I finally see an exit and I'm out. I'm looking at the picture. Everything disappears. The movie screen, yelling, entrance, and deers. Pigs, People, Eyeballs, staring from the wall. The advenure is finally over, once and for all.

-Mason, Grade 4

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