John W. Casilear

Life Dates

John William Casilear was a popular landscapist of the 19th century, and a member of the famous Hudson River School’s second generation of artists, including artists like Jasper Francis Cropsey and Frederic Edwin Church. Born in New York City, Casilear began his artistic training at an early age, studying under famous engraver Peter Maverick and later the painter Asher B.Durand. Through engraving work he worked he began executing bank notes, but advanced to finely engraved reproductions of the time’s prominent paintings. Casilear had both engravings and paintings exhibited at the National Academy of Design by 1836. Following Durand, Casilear joined in on a trip across Europe, sketching their travels and studying the works of Old Masters in Rome. Upon his return to New York in 1843, Casilear set up shop as an engraver, but left it in favor of taking up painting full-time by 1954.  

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