Raymond Theel, Autumn

Raymond Theel: Autumn (Probably after 1943) Oil on canvas
Probably after 1943
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Purchased with funds provided by the E. Roy Knoppel Charitable Trust, 1994

Autumn depicts an ordinary but beautiful moment in the forest in late fall. Beech trees on a snowy hill form a dense pattern of shapes and textures. The thick, sensuous impasto and dramatic color relationships between the deep red-orange leaves and blue-purple trees makes for a dynamic tableau. A stream moves diagonally back through the forest while the autumn leaves float in space.


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  • Raymond Theel was my grandfather. I have his self portrait done after the fire and, from what I have been told, after he suffered a stroke explaining why his painting shows him in full beard. I also have a water color he did as a wedding or anniversary gift to his brother Percival. I do not know the age of the painting but it is rather unique with heavily applied colors. It is a still life of a vase of peonies and is in its original frame. It is somewhat fragile as I can see where some of the paint is cracking under the glass.

    Kathleen Boyer
  • My parents (Anton and Mary Urban of Jarrettown, Philly and Ambler, PA) were friends with both your grandfather and grandmother and your grandfather's brother Percy and his wife Hattie. When I was a child, your grandfather helped a group of us dig a pool on his property next to the creek. When I married my late husband David in 1948, your grandfather and grandmother presented us with a still life oil painting of a vase of flags, tulips and lilacs as a wedding gift. Percival and Hattie had the frame made for it as a wedding gift. After 67 years, it still hangs on my wall. Good memories. Fondly, Eileen

    Eileen Urban Scheirer