Frank Galuszka, Friends

Frank Galuszka: Friends (1982-1983) Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of Drs. Robert and Francis Kohler, 1987
12" x 13"

This work's tight composition places the viewer in an intimate space between two women. As the artist describes:

This painting [shows] an intimate moment between two young women. The tightness of the frame suggests that someone has just entered the picture. The light is daylight, slanted. It is late in the day. There is some opposition between the figures, but together they constitute a whole. The ‘topic' of their interaction is the nature of their relationship itself. So there is friction, a disagreement of some kind. The disagreement runs deep and may challenge the relationship. Whether their friendship is sexual or not is uncertain, and it really doesn't matter.

Frank Galuszka studied at Syracuse University, received his M.F.A from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Romania. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Woodmere Art Museum, among others. From 1988 to 1992, Galuszka served on the Philadelphia Art Commission. He currently teaches at the Universityof California, Santa Cruz.

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  • Rich luscious light - this is a terrific example of realist allegory.