Betty W. Hubbard, [Landscape]

Betty W. Hubbard: [Landscape] (1940) Watercolor on paper
Watercolor on paper
Credit Line
Gift of Leslie P. Symington, 2011
11 1/2 x 15 3/4 in.
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  • My family, the Damons, knew the Hubbards when they spent summers in East Harwich, Ma. I believe that this is depiction of their 18th century "Cape Cod" house before they made changes to it. They added a sunroom off to the right. The barn was more to the left. The dirt road to the former farm is in the foreground and it turns to go up to the side of the house. In the distance is the shore line of South Orleans overlooking Pleasant Bay. This may be a bit of a artistic licence at play, because I believe Round Cove - not far from her house -- is shown in the far right middle ground. She conveys a sense of the intense light bouncing off the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. She was an elegant, lovely, and talented lady. She always welcomed me to their house when I was a young girl. (I gravitated to their house, their way of life, and most of all Betty)

    Carol Damon Andrews