Betty W. Hubbard

Life Dates

Betty W. Hubbard (1901 - 1967) was born in Chestnut Hill. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) from 1921-25 with Quita Brodhead, and took part in Arthur B. Carles’s Saturday morning costume sketch class. With Brodhead and others, Hubbard left PAFA in protest when Carles was dismissed and continued to study with him privately. As a portraitist, Hubbard followed a more conventional approach than some of her contemporaries, but her work did become more flattened and modernist over time.

Throughout her life, Hubbard remained Carles’s strong supporter and he, in turn, advo-cated for her talent. Carles always kept a painting by Hubbard hanging in his studio, as he admired her sense of color.

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  • Re: Betty W. Hubbard Do you have a catalog of Betty Hubbard"s work ? She drew my portrait in pastels when I was about five years old. Do you know how I might reach her daughters Moira and Leslie?

    Carol Damon Andrews