Betty W. Hubbard, Moira

Betty W. Hubbard: Moira (c. 1933) Oil on canvas
c. 1933
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Gift of the artist's daughter, Moira Hyle, 2011
27" x 21 ½"

In this painting, Mary G. L. Hood's grandson holds a bunch of colored sticks -probably pickup sticks, a favorite game in the Hood family. Robert Cornelius Bodine, nicknamed "Boco,” was born during World War II under his grandmother's roof at Springdale, where his mother had moved while his father served in the United States Army. A beacon of innocence, the two-year-old boy seems to have absorbed the colorful energy of his grandmother's domain.

Betty W. Hubbard, a student of Arthur B. Carles like Hood, frequently made portraits of her family members, and this painting of her daughter Moira is a true tour de force. Her extraordinary skill is evidenced by the combination of exciting, gestural brushwork and quick washes of color with an exacting ability to suggest the particular appearance of the young girl's features.

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