Robinson Fredenthal, On the Rocks

Credit Line
Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of the Ashburn Corporation, 2020

The title of this sculpture, created for a liquor store in New Jersey, reveals Robinson Fredenthal’s clever sense of humor. It arrived at Woodmere in early June 2020, and it rests on its side, waiting to be installed vertically, or rather “straight up,” as the artist intended. Throughout his career, Fredenthal used basic geometric shapes such as cubes and triangles to build repeating and interlocking forms. Despite the solidity of the structure and the heaviness of the material, On the Rocks has a remarkable sense of movement. As you walk around the sculpture and view it from different vantage points, it appears to change shape and size. Another large sculpture by the artist, White Water, is also installed on Woodmere’s grounds.

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