Gabriel Schachinger, Sweet Reflections

Gabriel Schachinger: Sweet Reflections (1886) Oil on canvas
Sweet Reflections
Oil on canvas
Credit Line
Bequest of Charles Knox Smith
51 x 31 in.

The generous contribution of the David Family, in memory of Edward M. David, made possible the conservation of this work in 1988.

Sweet Reflections is a painting of great virtuosity. Gabriel Schachinger, the court painter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, was a master of confectionary realism. Here one can almost hear the crinkle of the young woman's ball gown and feel the extraordinary decorations on her fashionable bolero jacket. Exotic peacock feathers frame the reflection of her face in the mirror. Proper, impeccably clothed, and prosperous, she is likely on her way to a ball or fancy party, checking her appearance on her way out the door with a self-approving gaze.

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