About the Exhibition

Inspired by our 2016 exhibition Complete Set, this show delves into Woodmere’s permanent collection, exploring different ways that artists work in a series, whether they create print portfolios or diptychs and triptychs, explore a subject from several points of view, or tell a story through a series of vignettes. Complete Set II will include works that range from Walter Erlebacher’s (1933-1991) sculptural series, Mythic History to portfolios of printed works created for Philagrafika, as well as diptychs by Edith Neff (1943-1995) and Diane Burko (born 1945), among others. Complete Set II reveals how artists use these formats to tell stories and explore process, media, and formal elements.

Exhibition-Related Events

03.24.18 | Member's Tour: Complete Set II | 1pm
03.24.18 | Complete Set II Open House Reception | 2-5pm