Fully Saturated


About the Exhibition

Color! During these winter months, we present an exhibition of works in which vivid hues are a leading element. Artists embrace color in an endless variety of ways. Some use primary colors like red, yellow, and blue to lead the viewer through a playful story. Others use color to create a nuanced mood or express intense emotions. Still others apply contrasting “hot” and “cold” shades to create shifting relationships within a composition. This exhibition celebrates a range of creative choices and the richness and delight of color.

Exhibiting artists include:
Dennis Alter
Joseph Amarotico
Edna Andrade
Roland Ayers
Joseph Barrett
Morris Blackburn
Hugh Breckenridge
Moe Brooker
William H. Campbell
Arthur B. Carles
 Jacqueline Cotter
Murray Dessner
Jessie Drew-Bear
Ruth Fine
Libby Glatfelter
Elizabeth Godshalk Burger
Juri Kim
Gilbert Lewis
Frances M. Maguire
Sarah McEneaney
Mitzi Melnicoff
Stuart Netsky
Elizabeth Osborne
Benjamin Passione
Jerry Pinkney
Charles Santore
Trina Schart Hyman
Bill Scott
Raymond Theel
Mickayel Thurin
Magda Vitale