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  • About "Franklin D. Briscoe : Off Dieppe"

    We don't have any like that in our collection, DT, but an appraiser might be able to help you identify it.

    Woodmere Art Museum
  • About "Franklin D. Briscoe : Off Dieppe"

    I've recently gotten similar painting from my auntie, but looking at your painting. What I received seems to be just 2/3 of the painting. It's missing the beginning 1/3 where the artist signature on yours is located. Is your painting the original? Is there any other that you know of? Do y

  • About "Bo Bartlett : Burden of Evolution"

    Looking for Lloyd VanScivers.

    Richard van sciver
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : Red-Headed Girl with a Doll"

    I believe this is AKS's 1915 "The Doll: Josephine" shown at the Peabody in 1915 and at the PAFA in 1916. What is the provenance? New York Times wrote Feb 13,1916 The Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy … and a portrait of a child with a doll by Alice Kent Stoddard, the last - re

    Barbra Stoddard
  • About "Severo Antonelli: Orchestra Leader, WCAU Radio"

    I believe this photo is of Jan Savitt (1907-1948), a Philadelphia violin virtuoso who graduated from the Curtis Institute and played with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski. He left the Orchestra in the 1930s and formed his own swing big band, becoming a nationally known band leader

    Jack McCarthy
  • About "James Phillip Kelly"

    The sole auction listing for JPK I can find is "Needlepoint" sold at Christie's in 1992 I have a companion piece of a maid with a duster reading a book in a library. Are there other domestic views out there?

    Jeff Armstrong