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  • About "Herbert Pullinger: Frog Hollow From Edge of Rodger's Woods"

    I have five oils by Pullinger, including Sutcliff's House in Frog Hollow and Tenant House in Frog Hollow. Others are The Tar Paper House, The House on the Hill and Harper Mansion in Harper's Hollow.

    James M Dallas
  • About "Walter Elmer Schofield : Trenwith-Cornish Farm"

    Just a pleasure to see this. It has such a strong feeling of the place and one wishes you could step into the painting.

    Liza Quinn
  • About "William H. Campbell: Officers Only"

    The Horter influence is evident.

    Bruce Rauffenbart
  • About "Herbert Pullinger: Building Ships"

    Pullinger's works are so evocative of a time of big and busy industry and so accomplished as lithographs. Great to see them.

    Liza Quinn
  • About "Nelson Shanks: Christina, American Nude"

    Not through the museum, but you might be able to find something from Nelson Shanks's website.

    Woodmere Art Museum
  • About "Nelson Shanks: Christina, American Nude"

    Are prints of Christina available for purchase?