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  • About "Idahlia Stanley: The Parting of the Red Sea"

    I have the artist work.....Twin Towers.

    Marilyn Bowen
  • About "Franklin D. Briscoe : Off Dieppe"

    I recently purchased a Briscoe painting very similar to this scene. It is slightly different, on canvas, and larger. Did he often do paint variations?

    James Stevenson
  • About "Joseph Hirsch: Untitled (Man Resting Head on Table)"

    The name of this lithograph is "Lunch Hour." It is based on a 1942 painting of the same name, and won the 1944 Joseph Pennell Prize from the Library of Congress.

    Ed Lawler
  • About "Betty W. Hubbard : [Landscape]"

    My family, the Damons, knew the Hubbards when they spent summers in East Harwich, Ma. I believe that this is depiction of their 18th century "Cape Cod" house before they made changes to it. They added a sunroom off to the right. The barn was more to the left. The dirt road to the former f

    Carol Damon Andrews
  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Untitled"

    Believe it or not, I purchased one of these prints from the habitat for humanities thrift shop in Hatboro. It has the following at the lower left corner handwritten in cursive with pencil..."Melnicoff Memorial Edition, 1972 - Untitled." At the lower right it is written the following...&qu

    Jonathan C Siebott.
  • About "John Raymond Maxwell: Lobsterman's Cove"

    My grandfather created this painting (I believe it was one he reworked). It is my all-time favorite painting of his. I remember being about nine years old or so and he asked me to “help” him as he worked on this piece. He had me inspect for dust on the painting and he asked me to give him sugge

    Kelly King