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  • About "Joseph Hirsch: Untitled (Man Resting Head on Table)"

    This is Hirsch's 1942 lithograph "Lunch Hour," winner of the Library of Congress's 1944 Pennell Purchase Prize.

    Ed Lawler
  • About "Betty W. Hubbard : [Portrait of the artist's daughter, Leslie Paul Symington, with Leith and Betty]"

    I didn't even know that there was any art work by my Aunt, Betty W. Hubbard in your gallery and am thrilled to see it! My daughters and I hope to come visit and enjoy it ! She was a very favorite aunt but lived in NYC so we did not get to see her very often. I have a large painting of hers - Flower

    Anne Churchman
  • About "Severo Antonelli: Catherine Littlefield"

    I studied under Catherine at her studio on Ludlow St in Phila. She left us way to early

    Carolyn Passler
  • About "Stan Merz: Month's End"

    Stan and I grew close over the years. Not long after he received tenor at PAFA, he left and spent time between Spain and the US (where both his daughters were living). I believe he moved back to the states after that and hopped back and forth to Spain while helping to raise his grand daughter. With

  • About "Charles Santore : Cannon: William Conrad"

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!!! Absolutely beautiful work.

    Joel Claunch
  • About "Idahlia Stanley: The Parting of the Red Sea"

    I have the artist work.....Twin Towers.

    Marilyn Bowen