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  • About "Larry Stearns: Bill Sawicki Seated in a Chrome Chair with his Stuffed Cat"

    Hi, I ran across this yesterday when I was googling some random old friends. I roomed for two years with a Bill Sawicki at University in the '70s. I haven't seen him in nearly 50 years but this COULD be him. Can you tell me anything at all about this picture, or even better, about Bill Sawicki? ...

    Steven Mesner
  • About "Violet Oakley : Albert Spalding, American Violinist"

    My Grandfather Patrick Welch emigrated with his family to the USA. They settled in Great Barrington MA, where Albert Spalding's family had a summer home. Patrick Welch was an accomplished Irish Fiddler who apparently spent a great amount of time paying with the arguably the world's best violinist .

    Jack Welch
  • About "Charles Santore : Sheriff Lobo: Claude Akins, Brian Kerwin, and Mills Watson"

    Mighty Sheriff Lobo. Love it!

    Scott Watson
  • About "Francis Speight : Untitled (Manayunk Scene)"

    The bright copper topped roof on the church does still exist. It is Holy Family church on Hermitage street. The artist was probably standing on the area know to locals as Germany Hill. The clear area behind the church in the foreground , is now occupied by Hillside playground

    Nancy Matlack
  • About "Giovanni Martino : Jefferson Street (W. Manayunk, Philadelphia)"

    This painting is of Jefferson Street which is now in the town called Belmont Hills. Formally called West Manayunk. The big red and white house was built in the late 1800's by my Great Great Grandfather William Robinson who was an Irish Immigrant. For his wife and 9 children. It still currently ...

    Bernadette Robinson
  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff : Untitled (young girls in garden)"

    Mitzi was my teacher at PCA in 1966 and I continued to work with her after graduating and while I was in Grad school at Tyler I learned about making a decisive mark in drawing and using the whiteness of the paper as a positive element We remained friends until her death at too early an age I love .

    Bill White