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  • About "Larry Day : Landscape for St. John of the Cross"

    Larry was a special mentor to me starting at PCA as a freshman in 1963 when I encountered a large figure painting of his in the Faculty show and I couldn't understand why one of the figures had the remains of a changed position of her arm visible so I sought him out and asked about it He was genero

    Bill White
  • About "Mary Townsend Mason"

    Greetings, I have two lovely paintings that my mother gifted me from Ms. Mary T. Mason. I am not sure if Ms. Mason was friends with my great grandmother, Marion Royster Stewart, my great Aunt Willa Ward by marriage, my great Aunt Christine Royster Lane or my great grandmother Augusta. Nonetheless,

    Leona Baker
  • About "Dolya Goutman"

    I have an unfinished portrait that was painted by Doyla of my mother in 1973. Mr. Goutman generously gave of his time by teaching art to her 4th graders a few times. This was at Rosemont Elementary School in PA (which, I believe, is no longer in use as a school) He sent her the portrait along with

    Carol Mayberry
  • About "Peter Paone : Artist and His Model"

    This is the first piece i collected in 1969. I look at it daily. Nice to see it on another wall!

    Pamela Kellerman
  • About "Dan Miller : At Bar Island"

    Darn good!

  • About "Pearl Van Sciver : Spring Bouquet"


    Carrie Zhang
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