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  • About "John Raymond Maxwell: Lobsterman's Cove"

    My grandfather painted this and it is my favorite of all his work. The layers and colors are striking.

  • About "Albert B. Serwazi: Sculling on the Schuykill"

    Albert Serwazi was my great uncle. I love this piece since our sons spent many days on the Schuylkill, rowing for St. Joe's Prep. We have many of "Uncle Al's" works in our home- they are Family treasures! Kevin Carney

    Kevin Carney
  • About "Gilbert Lewis : Untitled (August 1983)"

    This is a painting of my younger brother Reginald C. Gaither.

    John C. Gaither
  • About "Gilbert Lewis : Untitled (8-25-83)"

    This painting by Gilbert Lewis was originally titled, "Brothers". As you look at the painting I am on the right wearing the bright purple Lacoste shirt. On the left stands my brother, Reginald younger than me by five years. The shirt he wears actually was a teal and white striped Oxford c

    John C. Gaither
  • About "Itzhak Sankowsky : Untitled"

    Hello, Itzhak Sankowsky and his wife Sue were our neighbors directly across the street on Upland Road in Merion, PA, which is just outside the city of Philadelphia. This was about 1983 to 1990. He was a delightful man, always with a sparkle in his eyes and smile on his lips. Sue was a bright and lo

    Hal Rubin
  • About "Gilbert Lewis : Untitled (Woman with brown and gold striped blouse)"

    I am fascinated with the Elder portraits Gilbert did of patients in the nursing home that he worked. This is portrait is particularly beautiful and sensitive. The look is so perfect. The body is present but it may appear the mind may be elsewhere or at least heavy in thought. Thank you for you for

    Thom Duffy
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