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  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Girl at Piano"

    This happens to be a sketch of me when I posed for my sister after she saw me practicing my beloved piano.

    Bernice Berman
  • About "Edward Moran: Morning on the Narragansett"

    This painting of on the Narragansett is puzzling I only thought there was 1 Narragansett, in Rhode Island

    Chuck Gricus
  • About "Julius Bloch: The Soldier"

    there 's a nice one at the PMA: 5

    John McFadden
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    No, sorry she wasn't!

  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    Alexis, is your grandmother Inez Renninger? I would love to talk to you about it. Please email me at Thanks!

    Barbra Stoddard
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    This is a portrait of my grandmother. I have always wanted to see it--my heart just skipped a beat! I grew up seeing personal portraits that the artist had done for family members, but never this.