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  • About "Elizabeth Kitchenman Coyne: Martin’s Hackeys"

    Elizabeth Kitchenman Coyne should be cross referenced as an impressionist, Pennsylvania Impressionist Movement, and landscape artist

    Charles C. Coyne
  • About "Elizabeth Kitchenman Coyne: Martin’s Hackeys"

    This painting is a theme from my great-aunts youth. I have a small drawing apparently done before she studied art, and also a later pencil study on brown paper. I also have some concern that it Is mid catalogued as "Martin's Hackneys" and may be "Mare and Foal "

    Charles C. Coyne
  • About "Richard S. Chew: Afternoon"

    I am the older girl in this painting. I grew up on Jamestown, RI. My mother worked for Mr. Chew's mom during the summer. I was thirteen and my little sister was 8 years old. Although she appears to be gazing out to sea, she was actually pouting. I remember attending a party at Mr Chew's h

    Gaelyn Bunker
  • About "William H. Campbell: Double Exposure"

    This is a painting of Bill's studio. It brings fond memories. I sat in those yellow chairs at his table many times on my visits. Bill had been my father's studio partner for 27 years at 3 different locations around center city and I shared the last studio at 1715 Walnut St. with Bill for

    Bruce Rauffenbart
  • About "William H. Campbell: Double Exposure"

    Hi Bruce! Great looking room - I can feel the warmth of the sun through the window. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant image. Emmet

    emmet robinson
  • About "Franklin D. Briscoe : Off Dieppe"

    Is it possible or do you any paintings by Artist Franklin D. Briscoe w/out his signature except his name on the frame? I received a painting from my auntie w/out signature. It just said, "Coast of Normandy", "1879", Franklin D. Briscoe" on the bottom middle of the frame. Th