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  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    Any additional information would be much appreciated.

    Barbra Stoddard
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    I have a portrait of my father, Alexander Bloomfield McFadden, done by AKS when my father was perhaps 14 years old (maybe 1928?). Does anybody know what happened to AKS's records as it would be amusing to know what she charged for it?

    John McFadden
  • About "Steffi Greenbaum: Dancers"

    The original title of this print is "Dancers", one of a limited edition of about five.

    Steffi Greenbaum
  • About "Frank Galuszka: Friends"

    Rich luscious light - this is a terrific example of realist allegory.

  • About "Domenic DiStefano: After the Storm"

    its just wonderful sir.

    Nabin Pradhan
  • About "Elizabeth Kitchenman Coyne: Martin’s Hackeys"

    Elizabeth Kitchenman Coyne is also in the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and was a subject of biographical record in Who's Who in American Art. Full biography available online at and the archives of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

    Charles C. Coyne