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  • About "Earl Horter: Rainy Night, Chinatown"

    I saw this aquatint at the PMA's Mad for Modernism show and instantly fell in love. I kept being drawn back to it until we finally left the museum. Wish prints were available so I could enjoy it every day.

    Carol Jenkins O'Neill
  • About "George Oberteuffer: A Bit of Gloucester"

    Oberteuffer and Henry O. Tanner both studied at PAFA in the late 19th century and remained friends when both were in France. When the artist, Laura Wheeler (Waring) visited Tanner while on her Cresson travel grant, Tanner gave her a letter of introduction to Oberteuffer, remarking that he knew Ober

    Valerie Harris
  • About "Severo Antonelli: Within the Walls"

    I am a current student at Antonelli Institute. I must say, I am honored to be attending this fine institute. It's teachers are wonderful and everything is a great experience. I am honored to look at his art.

    Kari Herren
  • About "Mildred Bunting Miller: Women Changing"

    "Women changing" is plainly not the author's title but a descriptive label. These are three pubescent girls of 12-13. It would be better to relabel it as "Girls Changing"

  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Girl at Piano"

    This happens to be a sketch of me when I posed for my sister after she saw me practicing my beloved piano.

    Bernice Berman
  • About "Edward Moran: Morning on the Narragansett"

    This painting of on the Narragansett is puzzling I only thought there was 1 Narragansett, in Rhode Island

    Chuck Gricus