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  • About "Mildred Bunting Miller: Two Cows in Woods"

    Few people know that in 1964, Mildred Bunting Miller left some personal letters to her niece, Virginia Brown. The Bunting letters talk about her early life in Chester Springs and her later life in California. Since Miller's death in 1964, Virginia Brown has put together some of her aunt's

  • About "Stan Merz: Month's End"

    I was a student of Stan's for many years at PAFA. I too, lost track of him. Although I have none of his paintings, I live and teach his aesthetic ideals. I would love to have the opportunity to see more of his work.

    Georganna Lenssen
  • About "Stan Merz: Month's End"

    Beautiful! We own ten works by Stan Merz that he did in 1973-1974. We lost contact with him many years ago but live with his aesthetic at home and in our offices. I have three small Motherwell and one Frankenthaler in my office. People come, look around and ask where I got the work Stan Merz did. E

    Arthur Silbergeld
  • About "Stan Merz: Month's End"

    Beautiful! We own 10 paintings by Stan Merz, which get more adulation than the Frankenthalers, Motherwells, and Rauschenbergs (albeit lithos.) on our walls. .

    Carol Silbergeld
  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Children's Hour"

    Mitzi's first husband, David Melnicoff, and my father, Edward Melnicoff were first cousins. She was our cousin by marriage, but affectionately referred to as "aunt".

    Janet Melnicoff-Brown
  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Children's Hour"

    Mitzi was married to my father's first cousin, David Melnicoff. My father was Edward. They lived near us, so members of our family often show up in her work.

    Gioconda Melnicoff Bellonci