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  • About "Walter Redding"

    Walter Redding was a wonderfully talented artist and an enormously kind and generous man.

    Thomas Goutman
  • About "Dolya Goutman : Tom the Butcher"

    One of my Dad’s greatest paintings. Thanks so much for showing it this year. Hope you can make this very complex painting a regular among your rota of your magnificent collection. You are a fabulous art institution and I am so gratified that the tradition continues!

    Thomas Goutman
  • About "Betty W. Hubbard : Norbert Guterman"

    I grew up with Norbert Guterman... He was my adopted grandfather and died in my home in Mexico. In fact he wanted to die as a Jewish man and I did the ritual. An event that marked me forever. Im an artist now and have endless stories about him. yours Leopoldo Gout New York 2019

    Leopoldo Gout
  • About "Joseph Hirsch: Untitled (Man Resting Head on Table)"

    This is Hirsch's 1942 lithograph "Lunch Hour," winner of the Library of Congress's 1944 Pennell Purchase Prize.

    Ed Lawler
  • About "Carl D. Laughlin"

    Carl D. Laughlin besides being an artist and frame maker, was the pipe major of the MacGregor Pipe Band of Bucks County PA. I learned to play the pipes in his studio near Newtown PA. I watched in make frames and saw him working on paintings. At the time I had no idea how famous Carl would become an

    Rick Plank
  • About "Kendal Coles Hopkins"

    I went to Charlestown elementary school. I believe he taught art classes there on a part time basis — if that’s who I’m thinking of.

    William Fry
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