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  • About "Helen Fahy Kramer: Reflections and Refractions"

    I'm fascinated by some of her art. But don't know anything about her.

    Scott Daniels
  • About "Dolya Goutman: Tom the Butcher"

    Dear Ms. Williams, Thank you for the information about this work of art. I've been extremely fond of it, but didn't know very much about the sitter or the artist. Am I correct that your father's name was Tom Recchuiti? Would you also be able to share any additional knowledge about Do

    Bill Valerio
  • About "Dolya Goutman: Tom the Butcher"

    Tom the Butcher is my late father. Doyla was a personal friend of the family and frequented our store, Tom's Market in Bryn Mawr, PA. The background meat hanging was our glass front walk in box as it was called. The facial features captures my dad perfectly. Tom always wore an apron and his ha

    Joan Recchuiti Williams
  • About "Paula Erggelet: Frenchman's Bay-Mt. Desert (Maine)"

    I guess my response to Mr. Head's post is better late than never... I have a foxhunting watercolor by Paula Erggelet but I am unaware of any possible relationship it may have to the Warrenton Hunt Meet as I b eleven it is simply titled 'Foxhunt with dogs'.

  • About "Paula Erggelet: Frenchman's Bay-Mt. Desert (Maine)"

    Oakwood a hilltop estate in Warrenton, VA is the location for a painting made prior to 1928 by Baroness Paula Erggelet which features a Meet of the Warrenton Hunt. I am seeking information about the artist and the present location of the painting for a book that I am writing on the Warrenton Hunt a

    john head
  • About "Raymond Theel : Autumn"

    My parents (Anton and Mary Urban of Jarrettown, Philly and Ambler, PA) were friends with both your grandfather and grandmother and your grandfather's brother Percy and his wife Hattie. When I was a child, your grandfather helped a group of us dig a pool on his property next to the creek. When

    Eileen Urban Scheirer