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  • About "Mitzi Melnicoff: Children's Hour"

    subjects are mitzi's sister-in-law jean and 5 of the 7 daughters of jean and edward melnicoff, mitzi's brother.

    david nova
  • About "Mary Townsend Mason : The Seagull and the Trailing Yew"

    I worked at the Trailing a Yew in the summer of 1962 to earn money to go to college. I would love a print of this picture. Are there any?

    Diane Mudano
  • About "Razel Kapustin: The Beasts of War"

    Razel Kapustin was a friend of my in-laws during the 1940-50's. I have 3 of her paintings and have always wanted to know more about the artist, but have found very little documentation about a woman who had to be a major contributor to the Phila art world. I just read about the show you had fo

    Mary Gustow
  • About "Frederic Edwin Church : Sunset in the Berkshire Hills (Massachusetts)"

    I felt totally drawn into landscape by the captured beauty of the sky light. This painting is very powerful in the expression of great sensitivity to and love of nature...the good earth.

    Patricia A. Avallone
  • About "Deryl Mackie: Opera, from the "Jealousy" series"

    He was such a brilliant artist....Are you familiar with a 1994 piece by Deryl Mackie entitled " Stephon Fechit / Last Act" ?

    Robbie Green
  • About "Deryl Mackie: Opera, from the "Jealousy" series"

    It is such an expressive and accessible piece, isn't it? I'm not familiar with that piece and I couldn't find an image of it. What connections do you make between the two pieces? Do you know where that work is (museum, private collection, etc.)?

    Woodmere Art Museum