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  • About "Antonio Pietro Martino"

    I have a Scott Paper Merry Christmas book from 1949 with a pic he painted with snow hills sleigh and horses on it.

    Linda Atkins
  • About "Charles W. Schmidt: Signal"

    I like the piece. I recently purchased one of this artist’s works and I like the artist’s technique.

  • About "Anthony Gorny: Paperface"

    "Paperface" is one of the first works of art that I purchased for myself as a young artist, collector and dealer. It is a great image.

    Steven Lowy
  • About "Carl Pappe: Taxco"

    His wife, Bernice Goodspeed was an author and designer of silver jewelry with an interest in Mexican folklore. She preferred Carl to produce his woodblock prints as they sold better than the abstract paintings. I own four of them and enjoy the bright composition rather than the darker tones of his

    E. F. Skilton
  • About "Tully Filmus: Klezmer"

    Reminds me of the Sholem Aleichem novella, "Stempenyu".

    Mel Farris
  • Al was my second cousin. His warmth and at times whimsical sense of humor were such a part of him that they came out in his artwork. Though I never got to know him well, he was a wonderful man as well as artist and architect.

    Peg Bendiner Margoshes
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