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  • About "Raymond Theel : Autumn"

    Raymond Theel was my grandfather. I have his self portrait done after the fire and, from what I have been told, after he suffered a stroke explaining why his painting shows him in full beard. I also have a water color he did as a wedding or anniversary gift to his brother Percival. I do not know th

    Kathleen Boyer
  • About "Frederick James: A Colonial Wedding"

    The model in the pink dress is indubidably the artist's wife, Lucy. My parents have on their wall a James painting of Lucy in the same dress. I'd be happy to send a picture of it. Fred James was my great-great-great uncle. His sister, Carrie James Shellenberger, was my geat-great grandmot

    Brennan Kane
  • About "Antonio Pietro Martino : Winter"

    Thank you for introducing me to this artist...I enjoyed looking at his three paintings and can't wait to see them at the Museum...

    phyllis weber
  • About "Larry Day: Landscape for St. John of the Cross"

    Very happy to find this early work by Larry Day. There is a strong group of artists absorbing and working through Abstract Expressionism via contact with New York artists--including Paul Keene, Sanford Greenberg and Doris Staffel. I'd love to see an exhibition exploring AbEx work made in Phila

  • About "Marc Salz: Night Fantasy (for Warren Rohrer)"

    a airticularly moving piece and a well chosen one. It has a strong presence, with solid feelings, satisfying. Wonderful choice!

  • About "Millicent Krouse: Reclining Woman"

    Hi I have bought a woodcut signed, "Owl" 13/20 Millicent Krouse 1966. It is a quite large depiction of an Owl. There are two colors of paint/medium used, the owl itself is black perched upon a brownish limb of a tree. The artist appeared to sign and number as well as naming as noted above

    Cheryl Hunke