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  • About "Marc Salz: Night Fantasy (for Warren Rohrer)"

    a airticularly moving piece and a well chosen one. It has a strong presence, with solid feelings, satisfying. Wonderful choice!

  • About "Millicent Krouse: Reclining Woman"

    Hi I have bought a woodcut signed, "Owl" 13/20 Millicent Krouse 1966. It is a quite large depiction of an Owl. There are two colors of paint/medium used, the owl itself is black perched upon a brownish limb of a tree. The artist appeared to sign and number as well as naming as noted above

    Cheryl Hunke
  • About "Humbert Howard: Rock and Roll"

    Oops! That's Karla Heartsfield Howard. I must have been channeling Humbert again! :)

    Karla Heartsfield Howard
  • About "Humbert Howard: Rock and Roll"

    What a Terrific painting. Humbert, my Father-In-Law did a series of paintings around that time that were very "Musical" in style and content. Just by looking into the paintings you can sense the excitement of the "audience" and feel the "rhythmical" vibrations of his b

    Karla Heartsfield Howard
  • About "Peter Moran: Cow and Calf"

    I love this work, The art of 1841-1914 moves me. The black and white, shadows create the feeling that the cows are hidden in the brush and hanging trees. Standing in slow moving water. darker trees creating depth. The mother and baby cow blends into the environment with texture, shading and highlig

  • About "Samuel Sartain: Major General William Sherman"

    I have a print by s. sartain. signed.yours truly a. Lincoln. is it real