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  • About "Ben Kamihira: Green Chairs"

    Hi, I am a painter and sculptor and met Ben when I drove down from Boston (atellier Ives Gammel on my way south to Appalachia) around the time Ben painted "Green Chairs." (1973 or 74?) I looked him up at the PA because I was much impressed with his work, which I found very congenial to my

  • About "Victor Riu: Rhythm"

    Riu exhibited at Lehigh in 1955 in an exhibition arranged by Francis Quirk.

    Andrew Jay
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    Barbra, May I ask: what was the relationship between Sandy Stoddard and the artist?

    Bill Valerio
  • About "Alice Kent Stoddard : The Puppies' Angel"

    We now know that this portrait of Sandy Stoddard was painted during the fall of 1948 when Sandy was living at Alice Kent Stoddard's Chestnut Hill house on W. Gravers Lane after she married Joe Pearson. Alice then exhibited it at the National Academy of Design in 1948 #143.

    Barbra Stoddard
  • About "Violet Oakley : Mexico, United Nations Series"

    It's nice I don't know weather it's a sketch or not but it's a nice facial picture. It looks like a real picture of a person.

    Allen Baynard
  • About "Philadelphia Transportation Company protest"

    I remember soldiers sitting in the buses and trolleys in full uniform with rifle and bayonet to keep the peace on each ride. I also remember an elderly white trolley driver still resenting Black drivers ten years later.

    Joe Ruane