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  • About "William H. Campbell: Boys and Birds"

    I just bought a print of this signed differently. Its signed in pencil Wm Campbell 44. Looks like a very old print. Picked up at a thrift store.

  • About "Henry McCarter : Three Women in a Garden"

    I understand that paintings by Laura Wheeler Waring will be included in the upcoming exhibit of African American artists in Philadelphia. Waring studied illustration under McCarter at PAFA around 1916 and maintained contact with him in the 1920s. His influence is evident in some illustrations that

    Valerie Harris
  • About "James Charles Jr. House: Jascha Heifetz"

    I own a drawing from Jame House Jr. that he drew (a caricature) of my Great Grandfather who was an Train Engineer for the NY Central ( in Michigan). The most unique thing about the caricature is that it 's mostly done with crayon. He did use some black ink to hold some details and outlines. It

    Dave Burck
  • About "James Hamilton : View of Philadelphia"

    wonderful work , provocative the waves with a warm soft movement with highlighted caps. The ship in the foreground makes you feel the history and life in the 1800's. It's crowed with boats in the background makes me think about how Philadelphia is today and how in the 1800s it was a port

  • About "Andrea Krupp: On the Arno, Florence"

    Anne Kaplan was married to the well known Philadelphia printmaker Jerome Kaplan. Jerry Kaplan was my Printmaking instructor at the University of the Arts from 1980-1984. The graphic influence of his woodcuts and etchings can be seen in this small work, done in the late 1990's during an extende

    Andrea Krupp
  • About "Eleanor S. Perot: Wee Jonathan (the Cotton Tail)"

    I have an original Eleanor S. Perot that was done for my grandmother. It is of a cat called...Meditation. Could you let me know if it is valuable.

    Barbara Eves