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  • About "Arthur De Costa: Celadon Squash and Rose"

    I was a student many years ago and remembered seeing this painting in a show at PAFA. It was amazingly beautiful and I told Arthur I felt it was a painting to be in a major museum. He smiled. I miss our conversations over the years.

  • About "Edith Neff : Nude on Sidney's Balcony"

    I was the model for This painting!

    Warren Muller
  • About "Giovanni Martino : Jefferson Street (W. Manayunk, Philadelphia)"

    This is now Hermitage st. My grandparents lived in the first house built on the street when it was built it was the only house on the street and it was called Jefferson st.

    Leighton Swenk
  • About "Walter Stuempfig: We Want Barabbas"

    Great painting. I am very grateful for the Maimon's gift of this important painting to your collection.

    Charles E O'Connor Jr.
  • About "James Hamilton : View of Philadelphia"

    I had the pleasure to explore the Woodmere galleries today. Thank you for opening your doors free of admission on Sundays, we greatly enjoyed ourselves and would like to visit again! - Steve

    Steven Sergi
  • About "Dan Miller : Wind on Jones Point"

    I was given #29/30 of this woodcut on January 20, 2018. I received it just after a memorial service of an old friend of our family. A member of his family said, "Here. You might like this." Curiously, my family owns this property. It's located on Sebago Lake in Maine. Dan Miller: I would

    James Jones